Become a Waterford Hills Member

It's as easy as 1, 2 ,3
  1. First, you must become a member of Oakland County Sportsman Club (OCSC)
  2. Second, you must become a member of Waterford Hills Road Racing Inc. (WHRRI)
  3. Third, in order to race with us, you must have a valid Competition Road Racing License (WHRRI, SCCA, NASA). We provide a Nationally Accredited Driver's School every April.


WHRRI is on the grounds of OCSC and rents the land from them. They are our "Parent Club" To be a member of "us" requires you to be a member of "them". And this membership gives you all the rights and privileges of membership to OCSC. Access to all gun and archery ranges, monthly newsletters, and general membership voting rights. Also OCSC is a "family" membership, the member, their spouse, their children under 18 and their grandchildren under 18 are allowed access to the facility and grounds.

New members must follow the rules and procedures for becoming a NEW OCSC MEMBER by Filling out this form by the March 1st annual deadline. The cost for a NEW MEMBERSHIP is $255 for General members and $140 for Senior members (62+ years old) and you must attend the New Member Orientation meeting. The purpose of the Orientation is to introduce you to all aspects of OCSC, inform you of range rules, hours of operation and to answer any questions that you may have about your membership. You will not receive a Membership Card until you attend an Orientation and you must have a card to utilize club facilities and to then become a member of WHRRI. After you have been accepted by OCSC, subsequent yearly membership prices can be reduced based on the number of WORK BEE hours you give to the club. WHRRI work bee hours count toward this discount. For example, with the maximum 50 work hours attained your OCSC dues for the NEXT YEAR will drop to $84 for General members and $56 for Senior members. So it pays to put in some Sweat Equity.

After your acceptance to OCSC you must then become a Member of WHRRI. We offer two types of memberships. General Membership and Life Membership. General Members pay $25 per year. A Life Member will pay a one time fee of $1000. Both General and Life members receive racing fee discounts. Life member discounts being more than General members. In addition to your membership, you must also pay a $100 racing license fee. Regardless whether you have a WHRRI, SCCA, or NASA competition license, or are a Life Member or a General Member, you must pay this $100 member competition license fee. This separates "just members" from "racing members", since we are a volunteer run club, some people are just members and do not actually race.

Upon becoming a WHRRI member you are now eligible for Racing Discounts, Championship Points, Member Voting Rights, and will be eligible to run for Board of Directors positions after one year. You are now part of a unique, not-for-profit, volunteer run, road racing club. WHRRI members span over 60 years boasting "While you are here, you are Family"


WHRRI requires all minor drivers (14-16 year olds) who would like to attend Driver's School to meet with the WHRRI Board of Directors with a parent. Please bring a racing resume (karting, circle track,...ect.) The Board meets the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 7pm in the OCSC Clubhouse. Candidates will present themselves, their racing experience, and be prepared to answer questions from Board Members. The Board will vote to approve acceptance into WHRRI Driver's School.

If you already hold a valid Competition Road Racing License, you are all set. If you do not, you must attend a Nationally Accredited Driver's School before you can race with us.

If you have held a WHRRI Competition Racing License in the past, but it has expired YOU MUST present yourself to the Competition Board for review. The Competition Board meets the 1st Wednesday of the month at 8pm in the OCSC Clubhouse. Once the Board hears your case a decision will be made. Decisions vary by individual circumstances. Outcomes include one of the following:

  1. Required Return to Driver's School
  2. Provisional License Granted (to be upgraded to Full License after certain criteria have been met)
  3. Full License Granted
  4. Full License Granted after specific criteria are met under the direction of the Chief Steward, The Director of Racing, and the Director of Licensing & Membership

Please keep in mind both OCSC and WHRRI have membership deadlines and Late Fees.

Thank you and we look forward to having you aboard.