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by ralong2
Fri Jun 19, 2020 1:47 pm
Forum: WHRRI Racing
Topic: June 26-28 Cars for Rent
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Re: June 26-28 Cars for Rent

Multiple WHRRI members (including myself) have been repeat renters from from Scott at Alliance. You will not be disappointed.
Robert Long
by ralong2
Tue Mar 17, 2020 6:51 am
Forum: Swap & Sell
Topic: FB Rx7 stuff
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FB Rx7 stuff

Three 13x 7 panasports with R7's. $100/wheel
3.93 LSD $400
Drive shaft and rear sway bar free
Robert Long
by ralong2
Sun Dec 15, 2019 12:31 pm
Forum: Swap & Sell
Topic: WTB Racing seat
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Re: WTB Racing seat

Let me know if you (or anyone else) need advice
I've been down this road before (triples, VR, UWD)
Here is my simulator setup for iracing
Robert Long ... sp=sharing
by ralong2
Wed Sep 18, 2019 3:07 pm
Forum: Swap & Sell
Topic: Trailer
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by ralong2
Mon Sep 09, 2019 9:15 pm
Forum: WHRRI Racing
Topic: Looking for open paddock for Sept 28th weekend
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Re: Looking for open paddock for Sept 28th weekend

We will be happy to make room for you. You can take my spot.
Robert Long
by ralong2
Sun Apr 07, 2019 7:21 pm
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: HANS / Neck restraints
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Re: HANS / Neck restraints

Jerry, Thanks for looking into this but I am concerned why the SCCA is not honoring the SFI 38.1 requirement of Head and Neck restraint certification every 5 years. Could there be confusion regarding replacement of the device vs. inspection and replacement of the tethers? The GCR states "The use of ...
by ralong2
Tue May 30, 2017 1:34 pm
Forum: WHRRI Racing
Topic: Where to buy Transponder
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Re: Where to buy Transponder

New transponders require a yearly subscription.
Here is an example that I own: ... nsponders/

It has an app for your phone which is great -Speedhive - all the results (every lap for every driver) is available for review.