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Ghosts in White

Postby gimlimom » Fri Mar 29, 2013 5:24 pm

I stumbled across this on my computer, and wondered how long it's been since anyone saw it. From one of the "ex" Ghosts in White, always remember the workers that are out there for you ! Wanda


'In full view, yet hidden, like brightly colored gypsies who are only in muted view when they move, the White Ghosts of racing protect us all. As the drivers with their peacock ladies fill center stage, the White Ghosts are invisible. Only background for the strange egocentrics who drive. On the grid, alive with smells of expensive synthetic perfumes, from the ladies, from the oil, and illegally enough, some from the fuel, no one notices those in white, who on break from disaster station, wander through. They stand in night, in cold, in baking sun, in soaking rain, they stand and guard us well.

Who was that? Who went into that black snake water to reach for the driver in mind numbing mud? Who was that? Who ran under the bridge to pull the driver from his upturned car just before the next bunch piled into the cockpit where he would have lain? Who was that? Who stood in fire to call back from death the driver covered in flames, with no expensive suit of lights to protect them from the agonizing touch of metal fire? Who was that?

No steward in the tower who did not come from the ranks, no driver who has never been a worker, no P-R flack, no photo ghoul, can know what it is to be a worker. Only those who have by signing a waiver, paying their own way, fighting credentials insanity, stood and waited through the boredom of a fifteen lap, three car race, and then been expected by some multi-millionaire economacki to leap into the flames to save an incompetent movie star who thinks he's a driver can understand. Then when the unpaid worker who has almost lost his job for working too many races wasn't able to right an upside down 3,000 pound car alone, the well fed, well oiled press, in their very safe room are indignant.

Many drivers have no idea how much more expensive their racing fees would be if it were not for the workers who pay for future track rental, equipment and insurance by working pro races where they are generally treated with an almost inhuman lack of regard by the organizers and sanctioning bodies. For those who say It's a free ticket, remember that for a lot less money and no danger they could buy the best seats In the house and drink champagne while inexperienced people man those stations.

Next time you decide to yell at a worker because they got your suit dirty pulling you from an upside down car or pushed your car from the middle of turn one when all you needed to do was replace the broken crank to get back In the race, remember who the White Ghosts are.

You want to know how to be a better driver? Ask a worker. Ask those White Ghosts who have watched the greatest drivers of the past thirty years come through that corner. The workers who can tell by the sound of an engine if you took the right line. The workers who can tell you the braking point for the best in your class within a foot. Listen and talk with the workers at the parties, invite them to dinner, ask them to watch you on the course, you might be very surprised at what you could learn.

Perhaps we are all drivers. Perhaps we are all heroes. I know from personal experience that there are heroes in white who will never be on TV, never be given a silver cup, never be rewarded with gold and gilded ladies, but heroes real who I would and have trusted with my life. Let this be their song:

'Chose we, by us, not thee. We stand to be in fire, in cold. The Ghosts, In white.'

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