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attention time attack- co drivers please read!!!!

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attention time attack- co drivers please read!!!!

Postby Joel Hershoren » Fri Jun 28, 2013 1:52 pm

Due to too many loose ends, we are standing DOWN from time attack this coming race weekend.


LAP counts for the weekend are at 12-8-15. ( remember, no great lakes challenge this weekend )
I apologize for what will look like a last minute call, but i was holding on with hope , and had to pull the trigger now.

1. Ed Frank had planned to handle to Time Attack, but O.T.D. has proven to be far more than any human can plan for until they do one.
I could not be happier with Ed's jib so far. Maybe if he had less success and needed effort he past two events, there would have been more time to focus on Time Attack for the race weekends.
I prefer his 100+ entries at last weekend o.t.d. , and to be frank ( pun not intended ) I have no extra time to devote to this project . ( VINTAGE )
If you want to blame anybody, blame me. I felt this coming, and should have posted a cry for help a while ago.
ED is hands off, again, i am thrilled for what he has done with the o.t.d program.

I still feel this is a very good idea. So do most on the comp board and board of directors. ( i do not recall anybody against it )

IT NEEDS A NEW CHAMPION, are at least somebody to take the ball and run for a while.
Somebody not already on a board, or holding another club title, and yes i prefer a club member. ( for now )

Think of it an an event inside an event. I still hope that weekends 4 and 5 we can do this. BUT WE NEED HELP. NOW !

anybody willing, step up. please.
anybody wishing to speak to me personally, call me.

Joel Hershoren
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