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Joel you are the MAN - Vintage Races

Postby EBSNASCAR » Sun Jul 28, 2013 9:15 pm

Joel, Kathy W., Kathy, Jenny, corner workers (and the rest of the wonderful Waterford Hills Volunteer Crew!!!),

Hey I am putting my two cents in before you can. Yes the entry list wasn't triple digits, yes you had rain, and yes the crowds were a little low. Oh and yes the Formula Ford race was....ummm interesting (4 zooom).

But you made a 93 year old man very happy. He couldn't believe the place...how many people, the cars...how fast they were going. JD had never been to Waterford Hills, even though he has lived in Lake Orion since 1963. He is a race fan, and participated in racing, (but all of the single horse power kind). Heard of the place many times. Even been to the Indy 500 a few times (but mostly to visit his WWII buddies)

So he was along for the ride on Saturday. Even though we got there at lunch time, he said of the parade laps - "They all looked like they were having fun, that what it is about, right?"

The Formula Vee race - "That was good, but I though there would be more passing"

Group #2 - "Wow" and "This reminds me of the track" (The single horse power kind)

Group #3 - "He kept telling the red FF - hurry up you are losing ground"...LOL

Group #4 - "Wow" and "That was close enough" (to a Datsun and the Cosworth I believe)

Anyway, you took him back to his racetrack days...since he lost his daughter in 2003, "It wasn't the same" and on Saturday it was fun again.

Thank you guys. I hope this little story helps you ease those sore feet and know it was ALL worth it (even though I know you already do).

Tom Forst (maybe JD can sponsor a Ford Mustang one day?)
Owner/Driver of TF American Racing with an empty garage!

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Re: Joel you are the MAN - Vintage Races

Postby karnold » Sun Jul 28, 2013 10:33 pm

Tom, thanks so much for the kind words. Yes the weather didn't cooperate this year. Yes, the car count was down for many reasons this year. I tried to spend much of the day on Sunday thanking the vintage drivers for coming out and heard nothing but compliments, compliments and more compliments from all. It is not just Joel or me or and single person that pulls this special weekend off. None of this could be done without the whole which is all of the volunteers of Waterford Hills. These drivers that come for one special weekend a year are an amazing and very appreciative group of people.

We (our club) received the highest compliment of all today. This afternoon, Cynthia and I were running around in the rain giving out the day's trophies before the winners packed up and left. I stopped by the rig of the group of Ginetta G4 drivers from New York to give Tom Grudovich his third 1st place trophy of the weekend. First I had to give him a bit of a hard time for taking everything we had to give as he ran the table and was 1st overall in the group in every race. Now, these guys go to some very high profile vintage events each year as a team. I asked if they had a good time (despite the weather). He said it was the best vintage race he's been to. Reminiscent of real racing of the 60's. Heck, they just competed at "The Hawk" last weekend, but he said even though the groups were smaller, Waterford was better. The people, the volunteers and the atmosphere was better than any place they've been. No higher compliment could be given than that.

So I want everyone that was involved this weekend to give themselves a pat on the back for a job well done. I hope that more racer/members want to get involved next year as the vintage weekend really gives a great sense of pride for what we do and it really is a special weekend. Thank you to all who volunteered this weekend. You're efforts are appreciated and all of those who competed this year will go back home and brag about the great little track they were at this weekend.
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Re: Joel you are the MAN - Vintage Races

Postby racing girl » Mon Jul 29, 2013 8:42 am

I'm so glad Andrew and I ran into those G4's at Mid Ohio last year. We talked up the track knowing how perfect it would be for them, but never expected first, second and third place finishes for them in every one of their races. They have also said that our event makes a perfect mid way stop on their way back to their base in New York state, so if the dates work out next year they'll be back for sure.

Fantastic weekend, thanks to everyone for their time and efforts and for allowing me to come back out and play again!!
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