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Looking forward.

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Looking forward.

Postby Joel Hershoren » Mon Aug 12, 2013 12:53 pm

Seems to me the time is now to start looking towards next season.
We ( in the past ) have waited after the season was over and scrambled to finds new folks to help.
As mentioned at this ( and others ) drivers meetings, many new faces will be needed next season and beyond.
Some folks holding positions of note are moving on.

Comp board, Board of directors , and some appointed positions.

Reasons are a plenty. Age, Kids, Burn out, New hobby, etc.
The reasons really do not matter so much, as we simply say thanks for time of service.

Comp Board will need many new bodies, As Jim Lamb, Andrew Surratt , and Myself are known not to return to current positions.
Speaking for myself, i tend to bite off more than i should. I really need and want to focus on the Vintage weekend and special projects related to the club.
So i am not really going away, so much as wanting to not dilute my efforts by wearing too many hats.
While there are many high quality folks on the Board right now , i would like to bolster next seasons board now if i can, to get 2014 a big head start.
Comp board in basic sets up race weekends. rules, regs, run groups,anything having to do with a race weekend.
Interest or questions ? Please feel free to approach or contact Jim Lamb, Bruce MacDonald, or myself.

In my heart, I truly believe there is a huge talent pool at the track.Able to far surpass what has been done already. Please prove me right.
Also, this comment is meant to be only positive : " If not you, Who ? "

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