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Baker College Internships

Postby r.ranville » Tue Oct 15, 2013 1:35 pm

In the next two weeks Baker College of Flint will be proposing to the System governing body a pilot Auto Tech course focused on performance enhancement which will necessitate internships with competitors and/or businesses involved the automotive performance are, whether directly racing or in building, parts and services, etc. They do intend to discuss the possibility of building some kind of racing car in the proposal. They do not need a commitment from anyone to provide internships at this point, just an indication of interest in discussing the possibility.

Baker College of Flint is the system's largest campus. Near Waterford are Clinton Township, Allen Park and Auburn Hills, all of which, I believe, have auto tech programs. Port Huron and Jackson are close enough that if they have such programs, or will feed students to the other campuses, they may be sources of interested young people.

Baker is the largest and richest independent college system in Michigan. Their history is piloting a program and, if successful, introducing it on all their major campuses. There is usually significant institutional support; some of you may have gone to the large Baker car show on Dort Highway in Flint this past year. This could be a source of significant new blood for the track, if not the Club itself.

Anyone in a position to even consider offering internships can contact me at rranville@reagan.com. or respond here on the site.

(Errata: "new blood for the track? Is that like using the "F"word on the net?)
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