New track report from V2 motorsports

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New track report from V2 motorsports

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A few things we have learned on the new track at diver school.

Its very very smooth

It's fast. I think 1 second + . John Blanchard thinks 1.5 to 2 seconds fast. Students in a SM were in the 16s

This is the big one for me. Tire wear seamed to be 2x to 3x better. We seen no tire goobers on the car and none on the rim. Not even shavings. On SM tires we would see 8 sessions max before we would see cords, We went 23 cycles and there was still rubber on the tires. John Blanchard seen similar improvement on his A sedans. Also the track did not see the pile up of rubber off line. When they swept the track it was just a light dusting. So it will cost less to race at waterford.

The curbing is much softer at apex and track out.

all the sight cues are gone.
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Re: New track report from V2 motorsports

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Any word on how the new surface is affecting vehicle balance; any more of a tendency toward oversteer or understeer with the same setup? I am not sure driver's school would give the best read on that, but if anyone has been out there for other events I'd be curious to know.
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Re: New track report from V2 motorsports

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Bill, It's a new "green" track. It's going to change after it's been "conditioned", so I wouldn't expect there is a correct answer yet !
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