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Rich Johnson
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Sad News

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Heads Up: you all may have heard about the murder yesterday of a Detroit Fireman in a Road Rage incident. The victim was Frank Dombrowski an ITB driver from 15 maybe 20 years ago. Sadly I frequently took Frank’s name in vain when I named the “Out of Bounds” line on the front straight the “Dombrowski Line”. I was a Steward at the time and Frank was the first person to cause a multi car wreck on Lap 1 of an large ITB field. Frank passed several cars on left at the Green Flag and forced his way back into the pack in Turn 1. The outcome wasn’t good. Never the less Frank was a good guy that met a tragic end much to soon. Rest In Peace, Frank Dombrowski.
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Re: Sad News

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We just saw a TV News report and somewhere in the dusty reaches of my brain remembered him as a road racer.

He was always a very personable and friendly guy, at least (ahem) off the track!

RIP Frank.
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