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Historic photos

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Historic photos

Postby greendot » Tue Oct 23, 2012 7:45 pm

No, not from the historic races of late.
REAL history.

Sorry if this is a repeat that somebody has already posted.

www.cliffreuter.com/etceteriniWaterford ... mePage.htm
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Re: Historic photos

Postby 924RACR » Wed Oct 24, 2012 7:49 am

Awesome, thanks for sharing! We need to get some names on these photos...

Of course, we ALL know who this is! ;)

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Re: Historic photos

Postby Bruce Race » Wed Oct 24, 2012 1:15 pm

Notice the novice triangle!!!!!
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Re: Historic photos

Postby JJG » Fri Oct 26, 2012 4:12 pm

looks like Al Bizer in the background with the camera
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