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Vintage F.A.Q. # 1 = Spectating and Parade Laps.

Posted: Wed Jul 11, 2018 2:06 pm
by Joel Hershoren
Coming out to join us ? Here is some hopefully useful information.

Concessions are very in-expensive. no need to pack a lunch unless you have diet needs that do no allow " food on bun"
Hot dogs, Brats, Kielbasa are the norm.
One can get food and beverage at Hilltop, and the Turn Six Hot Dog Cart.

Parking on hilltop is reserved for invited car / ( or Motorcycle ) clubs, and those who require handicap parking.
Otherwise feel free to park in a common sense manner ( do not block anybody, take more than you need etc )

Turn 3 and 4 ( aka hilltop ) often offer the most shade, and great overall track viewing. Close to the cars and action.

Turn six ( end of back straight ) offers a view of the best passing zone on the track, a little less overall track view, and some good shade around the perimeter as well. Please avoid parking in the campground. ( unless you know/ are visiting somebody )

During racing action, we have a rotation of 2-3 track announcers to keep you informed of action on the track, insider knowledge, and schedule happenings.

Yes, one can partake in driving on the track during breaks. Parade laps. They are exaclty that. Low speed laps. ( no revving of motors, holding back fr a quick run, or squealing of tires please )
We only ask you to sign a waiver, and $5.00.

All positions and folks you come in contact are volunteers. No money you spend is going into an individuals personal pocket.
Funds go towards fellow clubs on the grounds, Charities, and our Track paving fund. ( just so you know )

We hope you join us for a day or 2 of high value fun. Cheers!

Re: Vintage F.A.Q. # 1 = Spectating and Parade Laps.

Posted: Tue Jul 24, 2018 12:54 pm
by Joel Hershoren
Spectator information for the vintage races this weekend.
Photo courtesy of longtime motorsports photographer Mark Windecker.