Vintage F.A.Q. #4 Event Vendors : swag fuel tires etc

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Vintage F.A.Q. #4 Event Vendors : swag fuel tires etc

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This year, source of "swag" is now called THE PADDOCK SHOPPE.
Nice renovations with new folks carrying the torch continuing the tradition of Waterford Wear-ables and more.
Efforts to get shirts to the spectator area are performed for those who do not wish to pay extra for a paddock pass, or just have no desire to enter the paddock. Shirts / Hats will be available in turn 6 Hot Dog cart area as well . Please note the Paddock Shoppe is staffed by friendly volunteers.
Forgive me if that seems like too much of a P.S.A. , just a pleasant reminder all out there working for the club, do it for the love of the game.
They also handle the sales of bagged ice at very fair prices.

Race Fuel provided by Hamilton's of Ortonville.

Race TIre Service provided by Motorsport Tire- 248-545-909two.

Local auto parts vendor is Mazza, a mike from the track. Good folks, they have rescued more than a few racers on a weekend. 5720 Maybee Rd, Village of Clarkston, MI 48346
Phone: (248) 625-6650
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