2018 Season Welcomes Women of Waterford (W.O.W)

A place for the ladies, be they racers, wives, girlfriends, volunteers, what have you. See how to get involved. See what's coming up.
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2018 Season Welcomes Women of Waterford (W.O.W)

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This group was created for wives, girlfriends, significant others, female volunteers and race fans.

Here is where we share ideas, get informed and care about getting $@#T done for our club.

2018 is a BIG year for Waterford Hills Road Racing, our 60th, and with that comes the need to step forward and help our club. This forum will be our virtual meeting place. We will also have a face to face meeting the first Wednesday of every month at 7pm in the OCSC clubhouse right after the general membership meeting.

My contribution to the club and the track paving fund this year is to host a 5k run at Waterfordhills. "Run for the Hills, help pave the Way". Date for the event is July 21, 2018. Not only will the proceeds from this event be donated to the track paving fund, it will also benefit a local charity to be determined. Yup, gunna need help with this one. As I was challenged to put on a successful one.

If you wanna be on the email list or the text list please Email me and let me know how you can help, otherwise I will be forced to delegate........lol

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Re: 2018 Season Welcomes Women of Waterford (W.O.W)

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Are you running, I might be good for 5 feet.
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