I'm Registered!

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I'm Registered!

Post by CG-Lock Racer » Mon Apr 29, 2013 7:52 pm

I just registered for Race weekend #1 in SpecNeon! Woohoo!

Unfortunately, I'll only be there for Saturday as I have a prior commitment on Sunday (driving a Lamborghini and/or Ferrari for FasTrax Exotic Driving Experience... :mrgreen: )

What do I have to do for the Friday test day? Is it show up and practice?

Also, I will need to get the car teched. I will post a question in the tech forum also.

I'm looking forward to meeting everyone and finally getting back in a competitive seat.

Sorry for all the neewwbbb questions. I'm scrambling to get finished with a few details on the car, but I should be ready to go Saturday!


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