Barb Diehl is my hero.

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Joel Hershoren
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Barb Diehl is my hero.

Post by Joel Hershoren » Tue Jun 11, 2013 8:04 am

While i am fond of all who serve and help in all locations around our track. This Gal deserves yet another shout out.
She still has little to no help up there. Every weekend since i can remember, some equipment issue has appeared.

What most do not know, this weekend, Saturday morning she woke up feeling ill. ( spins, woozy , etc, and not "campground induced " )

She wanted to stay home, but knew it would throw us a big curve if she did stay home to heal.

It's the one specialty most of you never see, making it easy to take for granted.
She is as nice as they come.
She is so humble she really does not care for too much attention or accolade.
What she what would love (and needs) is HELP.

Folks, all of you know somebody that likes DATA, some intensity. Did i mention it's air conditioned ? ( summer will be here, soon )
even if it's part time.


Bruce Race
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Re: Barb Diehl is my hero.

Post by Bruce Race » Wed Jun 12, 2013 4:14 pm

Take the time to say "Hi", and "Thanks", or learn and help.......... it was nice to meet Barb!!!!!!! Thanks again!!!!!!!!!!! Bruce MacDonald

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