Weekend 5

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Weekend 5

Post by fastbackss » Sun Sep 08, 2013 8:06 pm

I couldn't make it to watch this weekend, but I wanted to start the comments parade by extending a "fist bump" to Sean Grogan. He got his first trophy at the Solo II National Championships in Lincoln, NE on Friday. He skipped the award ceremony to drive through the night to get back to Waterford. And then he promptly swept the weekend in some close races. Congrats!

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Re: Weekend 5

Post by greendot » Mon Sep 09, 2013 5:28 pm

Yeah, congrats to him.
He did look a little "Groggy" Saturday morning
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Sean r/t
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Re: Weekend 5

Post by Sean r/t » Wed Sep 11, 2013 1:25 am

Thanks Mike, I appreciate it.
Nationals was a lot of fun in Lincoln, I love driving the FR-S....but nothing really compares to a good weekend of racing at Waterford Hills.

Major thanks to my dad for making the trip to Nebraska, to ensure I could drive straight back Friday night, and get three hours of sleep and sitll make it to qualifying on Saturday. I wouldn't have been able to make the 13 hour drive myself after a week in the sun.

On the drive back home, my dad and I shared a story of him urging me to do a practice session at East Lansing in the kart in pouring rain on slicks as a rookie, and at 12 years old I was terrified. However that turned out to be one of the memorable sessions I've ever done, after I had to get rescued and restarted a few times early. It made the rain in race 1 kind of ironic, but driving a Neon on RA-1's is definitely much easier than I remember the kart being on slicks...which probably felt like a Miata on SM6's.

What a fantastic time racing in the rain. Great driving by the Miata drivers by staying on the track, out of trouble, and giving me and Phil enough room to continue our race. Phil Mather is a great competitor, and drives his car on the ragged edge, but always gives me just enough room when I get up along side of him (sometimes this room is the grass or the curbs :twisted: ).

If the rain race wasn't enough, the feature race was somehow even better. Running nose to tail, side by side, breathing Phil's locked up LR tire smoke for 12 laps was a riot.

This last week was the probably the highlight of my racing career. I owe thanks to Phil for running fast and clean, my dad and crew (Jim & Adam) for always making the car perfect for me (driving is only half of reasons for success), and most importantly the corner workers and all peers at the track for voting/awarding me the Vern Roberts Hard Charger Trophy.

In a weekend where this trophy should have probably gone to Ralph for his incredible drive, or Ryan for his first overall win Group 5, I was shocked, honored and humbled by some of the comments I received by Joel, and several of the corner workers throughout the weekend (the enthusiasm on the cool-down/victory laps is something I'll never forget), so thanks to everyone who helps make Waterford such a great place to race at.

Picture with Hard Charger trophy / Moto write up:
http://blog.motovicity.com/post/2013/09 ... rogan.aspx

Awesome video of feature race battle with Phil Mather, and Lee Stouse (featuring three camera angles)
Sean Grogan
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