Come To Jerry Meeting (Season Finale)

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Come To Jerry Meeting (Season Finale)

Post by surratta » Tue Sep 24, 2013 3:51 pm

From Chief Steward Shiloff:
to be reviewed at the Race 6 Drivers' Meeting:

1. If you think that your car is on fire as you enter the pit lane, PLEASE do not stop at the black flag station. Continue down the lane, staying to driver’s right (away from the fence and spectators), to the emergency station. They have the fire equipment right there to handle the situation.

2. Avoidable contact may result in a black flag…corner workers are judges of fact and will make the call to the tower.

3. Drivers involved in metal to metal events must complete an incident report, which is available at tech.

4. Per the GCR, the first 3 competitors must report to impound. No shows will be disqualified.

5. Sound readings are being taken after Turn 5 on the driver’s left. If the readings are above the allowable level, it is called in. Do not argue with the Black Flag Steward; it is a call from the top of the tower. It does not matter if your vehicle has been quiet all year.

6. It is my intention to visit all competitors in the paddock each weekend. If we have the opportunity to speak more than once, it may not be so pleasant.

7. It would help tech to have your wheel and track measurements on your car near the minimum weight in order for them to set up the scales more efficiently.

8. All body damage must be repaired and re-painted by the first race of next year.

9. If you had a good weekend, thank a worker. If you had less than a good week, thank a worker anyway…they are here for you.

Jerry Shiloff, Chief Steward WHRRI
Andrew Surratt, Resident Troll

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