Race weekend 6 and season afterglow.

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Greg Blastic
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Re: Race weekend 6 and season afterglow.

Post by Greg Blastic » Thu Oct 03, 2013 11:19 am

Don't tell me you didn't have any help in the tower with announcing!? I was sure you would. I would have made the sactrifice to be there had I known the subs fell through. It would have been a good chance to see some of my ole racing pals. Hope your voice comes back soon!

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Re: Race weekend 6 and season afterglow.

Post by SeniorPBA2B » Thu Oct 03, 2013 11:24 am

Joel Hershoren wrote:i fear i may be getting older,,o.k. , OLD
Welcome to my world. :lol:

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Joel Hershoren
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Re: Race weekend 6 and season afterglow.

Post by Joel Hershoren » Thu Oct 03, 2013 4:52 pm

Greg, Roger Outland did 2 races for the club on Saturday. Add Great Lakes Challange and it's back to a full weekend .

No worries, throat stopped hurting today, voice a bit better.

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Greg Blastic
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Re: Race weekend 6 and season afterglow.

Post by Greg Blastic » Thu Oct 03, 2013 5:40 pm

Glad Roger was able to help out a bit. I still kind of feel responsible for the announcing since I lured Matt from Specs Howard years ago offering an "internship" program to help him populate his resume. Glad he's stuck around so long...........unlike myself.
Hope to see ya all next year! Got get my bro' to go in halves on a car............................

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Re: Race weekend 6 and season afterglow.

Post by Corvairmechanic » Thu Oct 03, 2013 9:58 pm

Racing in the rain, it wasn't the first and won't be the last time without rain tires. I was able to make the Vintage race on Sunday and even with the rain on Sunday during our Vintage race I realized how much I missed being at the track with everyone. Yes, I worked F&C and I like that to but racing is first if I can afford it. During the race 6 Sunday race with a wet track and sprinkles coming down I know there was something that happened at turn 8 but I got around it and after that I think everyone stayed clean. I know I really enjoyed dicing on a wet track, it really makes sure you know car control and self control!

It was great being out with everyone again, some new faces and some old. I hope to be back next year.
Ken Hand
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The Crew Chief
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Re: Race weekend 6 and season afterglow.

Post by The Crew Chief » Fri Oct 04, 2013 11:01 am

Sorry I wasn't able to announce Sunday, I fell behind in the morning prep and with the rain coming down and a championship on the line I just could not get away from crew duties. I wanted to call Group 1 so bad too!!!!
I will tell you this much it is a lot harder to do then it looks/sounds. I hope I didn't batch it up too bad especially group 1 Sat. Joel did tell me the first one is the hardest and I can't agree with him more!!! I did feel a lot more comfortable announcing Group 5 I would like to think I got a pretty good handle for it now. Would love the opportunity to if nothing else assist next year if the spectators will tolerate me.
Ken I wanted to give a shout out to ya and thank you for bringing your car out and competing with us. If it helps I was the black Nissan, and at the time the caboose of the fright train that stormed by you out of turn 5 in the Sat. Race. Believe it or not you kicked open a huge door for me and really made our 3 car battle one of the "races of the day" It's always a pleasure to see old school races cars out on track, especially while I'm racing! It gives me a visual of what it was like back in the day!!!!
I also want to give a shout out and a huge THANK YOU to the folks that took over timing and scoring!!!! Jumping into it for the first time isn't easy and once you folks got a handle on it (didn't take long), your efforts were flawless!!!! Great job!!!! and once again Thank you!!!!
A huge Thank you!!!! goes out to Joel!!!! Talk about giving it everything you got. Not only organizing and running the show, Throw in announcing the whole weekend with the exception of the little that I did, and then M.C-ing the awards afterwards!!! Joel have a couple of beers, gargle some warm salt water, and no talking to Shmoo for 48 hours!!! (DOCTORS ORDERS)
I cannot forget the corner workers and all the volunteers that play a roll in making the weekend and/or season take place... HATS OFF TO ALL OF YOU!!! THANK YOU!!!!
Last and diffidently not least I wanted to give a special THANK YOU!!! to Garret Dunn. Having an other then desirable weekend to say the least, he was gracious enough to jump in and give me a huge helping hand tearing down my yard sale of a paddock and loading it up in the rain. Dude THANK YOU!!!! If you need a hand getting the # 36 ready for the A.R.R.C. you do not hesitate calling me!!!
Rodger Outland
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