WWJD 2016 - 1

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WWJD 2016 - 1

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WWJD – 2016-1
(What Would Jerry Do)

1. Not all sins from last year are forgiven.
2. WHRRI decals are required on all vehicles running for year-end points/trophies. They are available at Tech.
3. Passing on the left into Turn 1 over the yellow line may result in a black flag.
4. The speed limit on the grounds is 15 mph. Inside the Paddock it is 5 mph.
5. To be listed as a starter you must cross the timing line. To receive WHRRI points you must complete 50% of the race distance.
6. Respect: We are all in this game to have fun. “Rubbing is Racing” sounds like fun, but the cost of repairs severely limits the amount of fun you have between races. The cost of a new wing or fender is a lot more than the trophy you may win. Going off the track and spreading stones across the track is not fun for the guys following you. Each of you has a lot invested in this game, please show respect for all your fellow competitors.
7. Respect – Part 2: The volunteers at the track: corner workers, tech, timing and scoring, starters, fire/rescue, grid, stewards, etc. are all VOLUNTEERS. Please remember this and treat them with respect. If you have a problem, a calm discussion with the Chief Steward will go a long way toward solving problems. Yelling gets you nowhere.
8. PLEASE use the dumpsters in the paddock. There is one between Fire/Rescue and Turn 7. Another is located by the tractor barn. Do not leave bags stacked next to the kid’s area. Lift the tops of the dumpsters and put trash inside not next to the dumpsters. Help to keep the paddock clean.
9. Have fun – race safe.

Jerry Shiloff
Chief Steward, WHRRI
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Re: WWJD 2016 - 1

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Looking foward to a clean season
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