Race #5 "60th Celebration Race"

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Race #5 "60th Celebration Race"

Post by BloodSweat&Gears » Wed Aug 08, 2018 12:00 pm

Hello everyone,

Please take a moment to look over and register for Race #5, it is up and running "CORRECTLY" on MSR. Took me a minute to figure out all the details. We will be having a "BIG BORE BASH" race on Saturday right after afternoon worker break. This race is just for fun and does not count for WHRRI championship points. This is a 10 Lap race open to all of Group 2 "Big Bore" cars. Grid is set by the your fastest lap of the day (Saturday) Makes me wish I had a V8....lol

Also as a last race of the season fun run we have also included an "Australian Pursuit Race" This race will take place on Sunday as the last race of the day. This is a 10 lap race limited to the first 30 cars. All closed wheel cars can participate. This will be the last time we can all race together on "the old track". This is just a fun run and will not count for WHRRI championship points. Our goal here is to have fun and put on a good show for the spectators. We should have some good side by side racing, a race where Miatas and Cameros can finally find out who is faster...lol Grid will be set by your fastest time of the day (Sunday). Fastest car will start last and slowest car will have the Pole!!! Once you get passed, you will have one lap to make it up or you will get Black Flagged and your race is over. After the race there will be photo-opts, and a toast to the OLD TRACK!!!

See you all at Registration,
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Re: Race #5 "60th Celebration Race"

Post by Racing Stuff » Thu Aug 09, 2018 10:15 am

"Australian Pursuit Race"
I remember fondly doing that at least once (don't remember the year), at Waterford Hills driving my Formula Ford.
Great fun !
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Re: Race #5 "60th Celebration Race"

Post by nswanberg » Sun Aug 12, 2018 2:36 am

Flat Rock Speedway used to have pursuit races. I think Joy Fair won every one I remember seeing. Invert the field and hope everybody races nice.
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Re: Race #5 "60th Celebration Race"

Post by Franz » Fri Sep 07, 2018 12:41 am

60th Year Anniversary Celebration !

WHRRI - Celebrating 60yrs
Sept 8-9 2018 10:00am-6:00pm
Qualifying & Racing Sat & Sun
Showcase Race “Ground Pounders”
Spectator Parade Laps at Noon
Celebration Dinner – Saturday Evening
Corvette Celebration “On the Hill”
Waterford Pursuit Race on Sunday Afternoon
Visit www.waterfordhills.com for full details

http://www.waterfordhills.com/data/down ... pt-8-9.pdf

http://www.waterfordhills.com/data/down ... mation.pdf

Saturday Night Dinner is open to everyone !
Racers are the primary sponsors with an addition to the entry fee,
however anyone can come, and make a donation at the event to help cover costs.
Bringing a special dish of your own creation is also welcome ! ( we love to taste all the new creations ! :-) )

Corvette Club of MI - Celebrating 60yrs
Celebration Dinner – Sunday Evening
Corvette Celebration on the Hill (Sat & Sun)
Special Events for participants
Visit www.corvetteclubmi.com for full details


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