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A few points to ponder

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A few points to ponder

Postby Dave Lewis » Fri Apr 27, 2012 11:14 am

I would like to point out a few things for new people to Waterford and a reminder for the folks that have been here before.
When you arrive at the track, please find a paddock spot first. The grid, that's the black top area with the yellow lines and numbers, is not for paddock parking.
After parking go to registration, top of the stairs to your left.
After registration unload your car of ALL loose items and come to tech.
Comp group, don't bring your car to tech, we will come to you when we know you are here. Got that Chris E?
Now we have that BS over with, couple other things.
Please do not jack up your car on the black top, it tends to leave divots.
When your group is called, come to grid facing the pit road, and line up on the RIGHT hand side of the grid, that is the side that your passenger seat is probably on.
Drivers meeting for all drivers will be 9:15 ish, that is when you new guys can meet your instructors.
Lets go out and have some serious safe fun.
Hope nobody mistook my poor attempt at humor for sarcasm, that was not the intent.
Just in, no breakfast available this weekend, but I am told lunch will be served and if you could let the workers in line in front of you they will love you for ever.
Clock Tower Dave.
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