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May 18th OTD Newsletter

Questions and information about upcoming Open Track Days

May 18th OTD Newsletter

Postby Clutch » Sat May 18, 2013 11:03 am


Next OTD is June 23rd
A little over a month remains until the next Open Track Day!

Registration is open for OTD-2!
  • Registration is now open for our second track day of 2013!
  • Don’t miss out!   Register online in advance so we can have all of the groups settled in before the event.  Less time spent figuring out groups = more quality track time!  Register here: Waterford Hills Track Day #2 Registration     Online Pre-pay, Pay at Event and Pay by check options are available.   Remember – Pay at Event does not guarantee your spot.   All at event payments will be first come-first served if available.  
  • You can also register via Mail by filling out and sending in the  Registration Form.  Online registration and Mail in payments must be received by June 19th.  Those of you wanting to pay via check should make sure you have it in the mail by 6/15/2013.  For anyone local to the track or Rochester Hills, you are welcome to contact me to arrange drop off in person if you’d like.
Current Registration status
  • The Registration site shows a current list of drivers: Registration List  
    • Status As of 5/17/2013 (Manually updated)
    • Novice groups(White/Yellow) - 16 of 32
    • Intermediate/advanced groups(Blue/Red) - 5 of 32
    • Competition group(Green) - 0 of 30
  • *We require a minimum of 8 drivers to establish a competition group.  
Additional dates available
  • Registration is also open for all of the remaining OTD dates:
    • August 25
    • October 13th
Novice Drivers:
  • If this will be your first time running at Waterford Hills or any other track you will be required to run with an instructor for your first session. 
  • Waterford OTD primer – I’ve started a thread on our forums that contains all of the tips/tricks from previous newsletters.   Take a look at the info… It’s the best way to get the most out of your OTD experience.
Tech Inspections
  • There’s always a little confusion about Tech… Our OTD Chief of Tech clarifies what is expected:
  • Get there early! Tech runs from 7:15 to 9:15.   No Tech inspection = No track time!  
  • All of the tech requirements are found on the Registration Form.  Conduct the inspection before you come out to the track so you are ready to go.   We’ve had street vehicles fail tech and sit out for the day for items that could have been solved easily with a trip to the parts store the day before. 
  • Make sure your car is ready BEFORE pulling up to tech!    We have to get a lot of cars through tech in a very short period of time.   No one wants to wait for someone to clean out and prep their car IN the tech line… that’s what your paddock space is for!  Bolted down items like the spare tire are OK.   Tech will look through the entire car for loose items and floor mats, including trunk areas.   Any loose item can become a distraction to you on the track, and if you get distracted enough, it could become a projectile during an accident!
  • Battery terminals.   Make sure the positive terminal is insulated.   Most cars will have a cover, if you don’t, a few wraps of electrical tape will suffice.
  • Clothing – Long pants, Closed Toe Shoes, and an approved Helmet.    SNELL rated 2000 or newer helmets are authorized for use during an OTD.   (Looks like I need to update the Registration form!)  You must present your helmet to the tech inspector.   I typically leave mine in the trunk area for the inspection.    Make sure you are dressed appropriately.   We have turned people away for wearing shorts and flip-flops!     
  • Where is it?   Tech is located under the awning next to the souvenir shop in the paddock.   Please come to tech from one direction only, keeping the play area and tech itself on your left side.   If you are doing this properly, the paddock access road will be in your rear view mirror.   
  • Race Car owners – Don’t bring your car to tech, bring your logbook, Helmet, and current license.   We do not want race cars started before 10:00AM to keep our neighbors happy.  
  • Sound – We do monitor sound and we have a 74db noise restriction.   If you break the sound requirement, you will have an opportunity to fix it. 
  • Tech closes at 9:15 sharp.   There is no guarantee you will be able to tech your car after that time.
HPDE Insurance
[list=][*]Waterford Hills is now an approved program for HPDE insurance coverage!   Check it out at: http://locktonmotorsports.com.   You should see our events show up as options very soon.   I’ve had a number of drivers ask about this type of insurance… well, now you have the option! [/list]
OTD organizer 
Waterford Hills Road Racing 
4770 Waterford Road 
Clarkston, MI 48346 
Follow us on Twitter for latest OTD updates and tips: @WHRWOTD 
Remember - I'm not only the organizer - I'm a participant!
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