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July 16th Open Track Newsletter

Questions and information about upcoming Open Track Days

July 16th Open Track Newsletter

Postby Clutch » Tue Jul 16, 2013 1:03 pm

August 25th Waterford Hills Open Track Day update

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** Waterford Hills Open Track Day 3

6 weeks to go until the next Open Track Day!

Registration is now open for our THIRD track day of 2013! (http://msreg.us/WHRWOTD3)
Once again we will be limiting Online registrations to 16 cars per run group. This worked out very well for our last track day.

Don't wait till the last second! Space is limited and our last two track days were completely sold out! Register online as soon as you can even if you plan on paying at the event so we can define the run groups early. The earlier I can make the plan, the more quality time we spend on track having fun!

Online Pre-Pay and Pay at Event options are available. Spots are only considered reserved when payment is received. All at event payments will be first come-first served if available.

Register here for track day #3: http://msreg.us/WHRWOTD3

** Run Groups
Here's what the groups look like so far...
* White Group (HPDE-1) 4/16
* Yellow Group (HPDE-2) 3/16
* Red Group (HPDE-3) 1/16
* Blue Group (*Advanced) 1/16
* Green Group **Not active at this time

Spots are only considered reserved when payment is received.
New Banner - I've printed up a 8 'x 2.5' banner that will hang above Tech so it's visible throughout the paddock. This one shows your approved passing zones based on skill level.

** Time Trials 8/10-8/11

It's finally here! Waterford Hills is pleased to open upregistration for it's inaugural Time Trial competition (http://msreg.us/WHRWR4TT) . Registration is open to Open Track Day (HPDE-4) participants/vehicles that have run in the advance group (Blue) as well as competition licensed drivers. Drivers not meeting those requirements that wish to participate can do so by completing a "Skill Verification" run with an assigned qualified driver.

How it works:
  • 1. We will attach a transponder to your vehicle during the Tech Inspection 2. You'll complete a quick indoctrination course to explain how the event works (driver's meeting) 3. Participate in a timed practice session on Saturday Morning.
  • 4. Choose your target lap time based on the timed practice session runs 5. We'll place you out on the track so you shouldn't encounter the other drivers based on your chosen time.
  • 6. Drive your three sessions and try to get as close to your chosen time as you can.
  • 7. Your best time from each session will be used to score your runs. The lower the differential, the better your score.

Basic rules:
  • 1. Point to pass rules... no driver may pass unless they are pointed by the leading driver.
  • 2. HPDE-4 (Blue group) passing zones
  • 3. MANDATORY blue flags - you have to let a car pass if you are shown a blue flag 4. NO wheel to wheel racing.
  • 5. If you've run an Open Track Day at Waterford Hills, you already know 90% of the procedure!

Registration is limited to 20 cars. There will be up to 2 run groups divided by chosen lap times.

Track time:
  • * Saturday
    • + Morning - 20 minute session: Qualification/Practice runs
    • Afternoon -
      + 15-20 minute session: Timed Runs*
  • * Sunday
    • + Morning - 15-20 minute session: Timed Runs*
    • Afternoon - 15-20 minute
      + session: Timed Runs*
  • *Session times may vary based on track schedule/maintenance issues

* Time Trial Rules (http://www.waterfordhills.com/downloads/2013-04-12-Preliminary-TTRules-WaterfordHills.pdf) (Subject to changes)
* Open Track Day Rules (http://www.waterfordhills.com/downloads/2013-Open-Track-Day-Rules.pdf)

Costs for the weekend(Saturday/Sunday):

  • Time Trial Only $180.00
  • Additional Club Race $95.00
  • *credit card processing fees apply

Day of Event
  • Time Trial Only $220.00
  • Additional Club Race $125.00

Click HERE to register for the 8/10-8/11 Time Trial competition (http://msreg.us/WHRWR4TT)

** Links
Here are a few links you should check out...
* Waterford Hills OTD forums Open Track Day Primer (viewtopic.php?f=5&t=4811)

* Nor Cal SAAC Open Track Driver's Primer (http://www.norcal-saac.org/ot/primer.pdf)
* Race Driving Techniques (http://www.turnfast.com/tech_driving/driving)
* HPDE Instructor's guide (http://www.trackpedia.com/wiki/HPDE_Instructors_Guide)
* OTD RULES (http://www.waterfordhills.com/downloads ... -Rules.pdf)
* Time Trial Rules (http://www.waterfordhills.com/downloads ... dHills.pdf)

Registration is open for the remaining OTD dates:
** August 25th (http://msreg.us/WHRWOTD3)
** October 13th (http://msreg.us/WHRWOTD4)

** See you at the track!

Feel free to contact me with any questions.

OTD organizer

Waterford Hills Road Racing

Follow us on Twitter for latest OTD updates and tips: @WHRWOTD (http://www.twitter.com/WHRWOTD)

http://www.WaterfordHills.com (http://www.waterfordhills.com/)

Remember - I'm not only the organizer - I'm a participant!


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