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Time Trials

Postby Alan » Thu May 01, 2014 7:44 am

Time Trials This Sunday!

Very limited space - Register ASAP!
Registration is OPEN!
We've fine tuned the TT group based on the feedback of last season's participants.. This year we will be running Time Trials on the Sunday of every Race Weekend.

You're already approved to run If you've participated in HPDE-4 (Blue group) or hold a competition license. If you haven't run in blue group you can get qualified during the practice session or at a Waterford OTD!
How it works:
We will attach a transponder to your vehicle during the Tech Inspection
You'll complete a quick indoctrination course to explain how the event works (driver's meeting)
Participate in a timed practice session on Sunday Morning.
Choose your target lap time based on the timed practice session runs
We'll place you out on the track so you shouldn't encounter the other drivers based on your chosen time.
Drive the afternoon timed session and get as close to your lap time as you can!
The winner will be the person that has the 3 closest times to their chosen lap time (Simple - right!)

Basic rules:
Point to pass rules... no driver may pass unless they are pointed by the leading driver.
HPDE-4 (Blue group) passing zones
MANDATORY blue flags - you have to let a car pass if you are shown a blue flag
NO wheel to wheel racing.
If you've run an Open Track Day at Waterford Hills, you already know 90% of the procedure!
Registration is limited to 15 cars.
Track time:
Morning - 15-20 minute session: Timed Runs*
Afternoon - 15-20 minute session: Timed Runs*
Possible bonus session if time permits at the end of the day
*Session times may vary based on track schedule/maintenance issues
Time Trial Rules
Costs for the weekend(Sunday):
Time Trial Only $75.00

Registration for Upcoming Time Trial events:

May 4th Time Trial: http://msreg.com/2014WHR1TT
June 8th Time Trial: http://msreg.com/2014WHR2TT
July 13th Time Trial: http://msreg.com/2014WHR3TT
August 10th Time Trial: http://msreg.com/2014WHR4TT
September 7th Time Trial: http://msreg.com/2014WHR5TT
September 28th Time Trial: http://msreg.com/2014WHR6TT

Open Track Day

Thanks to everyone that came out for the April 13th OTD. It was BUSY! We wound up selling out the week before the event and had a clean day - The only car recovered by the wrecker ran out of gas (during the parade lap!) Weather was great... thankfully we didn't get hit by the 5" of snow that coated the area the next day! Again - thanks for everyone's patience and understanding! :)

Our Next Open Track Day is May 25

We've got about 3 weeks until our next Open Track day... Get your car back into shape and ready for fun!

We will have 5 run groups for this OTD... THAT'S ALL! We're cutting out an entire run group so we have more time to play for those that come out to the next one. Once we reach the maximum number of drivers registration will be closed!

Please don't wait until the last minute and expect an open slot on the day of the event. If you've registered and opted to pay at the event, you do NOT have a guaranteed spot. The only way to guarantee a spot is to pre-pay via the website or get a check to me before the OTD sells out. Contact me if you've already registered and need to switch your payment method.

Open Track Day 2 May 25 register online

Future Open Track Events:
Open Track Day 3 June 22 register online
Open Track Day 4 August 3 register online
Open Track Day 5 August 31 register online
Open Track Day 6 October 12 register online
Here are a few links you should check out...
Waterford Hills OTD -Open Track Day Primer
Nor Cal SAAC Open Track Driver's Primer
Race Driving Techniques
HPDE Instructor's guide
Time Trial Rules
If this is the first newsletter you've received, please review the following post at our fourms:
Waterford Hills OTD forums Open Track Day Primer

See you at the track!

Feel free to contact me with any questions.

OTD organizer
Waterford Hills Road Racing

Follow us on Twitter for latest OTD updates and tips: @WHRWOTD

Remember - I'm not only the organizer - I'm a participant!
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Re: Time Trials

Postby Applejack » Fri May 02, 2014 8:59 pm

I've been looking all over for a few details on Sunday's first TT.

What time should we be there to check-in and get through Tech?
What time is the TT driver's meeting?
Jason Kolk
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Re: Time Trials

Postby thekinn » Tue Jun 24, 2014 12:23 pm

I am not sure on the check-in/tech.. I think I got there pretty early 7-7:30 which provided plenty of time for registration, tech, etc.. Driver's meeting was right after the national anthem at Race 2. Qualifying was either right before or right after lunch, the competition was late in the afternoon.

Is there a running tally of points for the season? Will there be season standings as well as per-race standing? The race results link on the site just makes reference to fastsest times - not necessarily the bench racing results.
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