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Class of 2015,,, congrats!

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Class of 2015,,, congrats!

Postby Joel Hershoren » Mon Apr 27, 2015 8:48 am

A nod to the class of 2015. Hoping you all are very proud of yourselves this morning .
May the buzz you had after finishing your rookie race stay with you for a long time. YOU earned it.
May you keep that success and never stop learning the rest of your racing career.
Wishing to thank all the Gp 1 instructors who came to lend a hand, you made my life A LOT easier, and you obviously did a great job, as the student's performance was a direct reflection of your personal efforts.
Hoping John Blanchard, Jerry Shiloff, and the rest of the behind the scene folk can breathe with a sigh of relief this morning.
Putting on a school for drivers is no small task, and is a year round task in planning.
Well done.

Joel Hershoren
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Re: Class of 2015,,, congrats!

Postby surratta » Mon Apr 27, 2015 9:22 am

totally agree with the above, and want to add my thanks as well.

I didn't catch the group 2 race, but the combined group 1/3 race was exciting front to back. it definitely did *not* look like a bunch of rookies.
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