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FS - former WHRRI 20+ ft enclosed car hauler (info welcome!)

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FS - former WHRRI 20+ ft enclosed car hauler (info welcome!)

Postby pst » Wed Sep 04, 2013 8:25 am

And, while I'm posting...!

Back when I had the Swift, I purchased an old Haul Lite trailer from someone in Lake Orion. They had a small fendered race car they apparently hauled with it. I wouldn't trust it with heavy cars, but for 2000-2500ish lbs it seems solid. I bought it, had a few spots re-welded on the floor, put the appropriate reflectors on it, fixed the electrical up a bit... and pretty much never used it because of my ear situation after which I sold my Swift.

It's got a drop-down ramp in the back, door and awning on the LEFT side, and a few other historic artifacts, such as about 1/3 of a decal of a giant frog, and a bumper sticker about Pearl Harbor and Hiroshima, I believe. :) As well as some old WHRRI memorabilia on the inside.

Has tie down rails on the floor, plastic bins on the side, a spare tire rack going lengthwise at chest level about 6' from the front, a nice work bench, etc. Part of why I've held onto it so long is that it's just such a nicely done item that I keep hoping to find a use for it... but just never do. Roof seems solid and leak free.

The only downside is that I bought it on a bill of sale, and when I went to register it, apparently it's never been titled, at least in Michigan. If anyone has more info about this I would love to hear it. Since I never used it, it wasn't a priority to deal with, and by this time I've long since lost the prior owner's bill of sale, and he has since moved. But if I sell it to someone else, especially now with all the lights/etc working, it should just be a matter of having the police do a safety inspection and VIN check and bringing the paperwork to the SoS.

I'll try to find some photos and measurements, meanwhile just wanted to get it up here and see if anyone was interested. Cash offers consistent with market rates are welcome, with a little concession for the title effort... or would consider putting it toward a trade for an affordable 4x4/AWD full size van, 1999+ 4x4 extended cab, long bed / flatbed pickup, decently tough skid loader (1845), etc.

Thanks for reading. :)
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Re: FS - former WHRRI 20+ ft enclosed car hauler (info welco

Postby The Crew Chief » Sat Sep 14, 2013 7:21 pm

I am interested would like to get some more details and see some pix
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