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OTD Approved Roll Bar Street Miata

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OTD Approved Roll Bar Street Miata

Postby r.ranville » Sat May 10, 2014 10:45 am

The short version is I decided to pull the trigger on my four OTD passes and don't have a roll bar in my '93 Miata. Is there a minimally invasive but satisfactory solution available? The car will remain a street car; I'm not as stupid as I might sound. I do want an effective piece of safety equipment, I'm just hoping there is something short of gutting the car and installing a cage.
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Re: OTD Approved Roll Bar Street Miata

Postby tyurkunas » Sat May 10, 2014 12:34 pm

The key to running a convertible at an OTD is to install a rollbar that meets the "broomstick rule".
Imagine a straight line from the top of the windshield - to the top of the rollbar. Your "helmeted" head must fit under that line.
I have a Hard Dog M2 Sport rollbar w/double diagonals that passes at Waterford and Gingerman .... but I've also done a foamectomy* to my drivers seat (* Removal of seat foam to lower your driving position)
Boss Frogg also makes a couple of nice Miata rollbars that will meet this standard.
Be careful which one you install if you have a hardtop or a glass rear window - cuz' not all bars are 100% compatible.
You can install one of these (roll)bars in an afternoon with normal garage tools. Figure on spending $400-500.
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