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Vintage Race Workbee, 2013

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Vintage Race Workbee, 2013

Postby Rich Johnson » Fri Jun 21, 2013 9:01 am

Saturday July 13, 10:00 AM is the Vintage Race workbee. While most of the heavy lifting project have been completed several rubbing and scrubbing jobs need attention. Also cleaning up the grounds will be a priority including policing Waterford and Pelton Road. Be advised poison ivy is reported along both roads.
Bring weed wackers.
As I've said in the past even if you can only spend a couple of hours it truly makes a difference.
See you there rain or shine.
Thanks to all,
Rich Johnson
Grand PooBa of the Waterford Facilities
Rich Johnson
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Re: Vintage Race Workbee, 2013

Postby karnold » Thu Jul 11, 2013 7:02 am

Seems that the workbee posts always drop to the bottom of the boards like a lead balloon. This pre-vintage workbee is a very important one for the club. Generally this work bee tends to be a lot of weed whacking around fence lines and bleachers, touch up painting around the paddock buildings and general cleanup. The vintage event brings drivers from all over Canada and the Midwest, not to mention about 1000 or so spectators and our track and facilities need to look their best. This is our best opportunity of the year to shine.

Summer is a very busy time for all, but I hope people can give at least a few hours. I know Joel and I have tons to do at home, but we'll be at the track Saturday. Weather at this point looks favorable.

For any non members that were interested in attending the vintage races....if you come out and participate in the workbee on Saturday, we will give you an all access paddock pass for the vintage races. So drivers, if you have a friend, relative or neighbor that may be interested, bring them along.

Hope to see a good turnout on Saturday! Bring along a weed eater if you have one too.
Kathy Arnold
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