Come To Jerry Meeting 5

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Come To Jerry Meeting 5

Post by surratta » Mon Aug 26, 2013 10:21 pm

From Chief Steward Shiloff
to be reviewed at the Race 5 Drivers' Meeting:

1. It is my intention to talk to everyone in the paddock each weekend. If we have the opportunity to speak more than once, it may not be so pleasant.

2. Drivers involved in metal to metal events must complete an incident report.

3. I have all the incident reports and will bring them to the drivers’ meeting.

4. Metal to metal penalties may become more severe as the season continues. CSA’s will be written up as necessary.

5. Passing under yellow penalties will follow SCCA guidelines.

6. Per the GCR, we will weigh the top 3 positions in each class in both Sunday races. You must provide documentation of your vehicles minimum weight. Penalties may be up to disqualification depending on the severity of the infraction. Remember minimum means MINIMUM… there is no wiggle room. Last weekend one winner lost places and another was disqualified.

7. If any of the top 3 competitors do not report to impound they will be disqualified. We reserve the right to impound any vehicle to check for violations to the GCR at any time.

Jerry Shiloff, Chief Steward WHRRI
Andrew Surratt, Resident Troll

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