Waterford Hills @ the runoffs, aka who cheer for !

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Joel Hershoren
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Waterford Hills @ the runoffs, aka who cheer for !

Post by Joel Hershoren » Tue Sep 10, 2013 2:22 pm

Looking over this list as of today 9/10/13. This is anybody with a Waterford history or known connection. If i miss one, feel free to add !

F-Atlantic : Jason Byers
F-1000 : Brian Novak
F-Continental : Rob Allaer
F-Vee : Andrew Abbott , Brandon Abbott ,Stu Delaney, Chuck McCormick, David Satterley . ( just imagine that grid for group 6 )
F-Ford : (or fit -if you insist ) Lew Cooper III ,Russell Ruedisueli,
F-500 : Steven Thompson,Brian Brothers .
GT-3 : Dave Dobry, Paul Young,Ken Nelson,
E-Prod : Peter Morton, John Morton, ( yes, THE John Morton. He did drivers school here in the early sixties, and was just here for the 2012 vintage, so we are claiming him! )
A-Sedan : Scott Schweitzer, Thomas West, John Heinricy,
Spec Miata : Douglas Spencer, Kristen Novak,Michael Novak,
Spec Racer Ford : Bobby Sak,
T-1 : Todd Napieralski, Norman Betts,
T-2 : Gary Mason, Todd Napieralski, Norman Betts,
T-3 : Kevin Fandozzi,
B-Spec : Brian Kelm,( guessing on that one, not sure )
STU : Charles Tobel, Ray Huffmaster,
STL : Ray Huffmaster, Rob Huffmaster,

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Re: Waterford Hills @ the runoffs, aka who cheer for !

Post by MJNOVA » Fri Sep 13, 2013 8:26 am

The SPEC MIATA race should be on SPEED CAST TV friday 9-20-2013 at 2:00pm. LIVE The race starts at 1:00pm CST

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Re: Waterford Hills @ the runoffs, aka who cheer for !

Post by ennored » Fri Sep 13, 2013 12:03 pm

So who's going? (That's not racing.)

There's over 700 cars entered. 50th anniversary. Next two Runoffs are far away (Lguna Seca, Daytona). Need more reasons?

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