Vintage F.A.Q. #2 Camping and pets at the track.

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Joel Hershoren
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Vintage F.A.Q. #2 Camping and pets at the track.

Post by Joel Hershoren » Wed Jul 11, 2018 2:21 pm

Campground policy is simple.
Camping is reserved first for Race Entrants/ Crew , and event volunteers.
Camping is no charge.
Yes there are restrooms and showers.
Yes, there are electric and water hook ups.
Water is on a well, and as such is okay for washing and bathing, little else. For Food/drinking and pets we recommend to bring water with you.
Electric is is not all the way around the campground.
like any camping, the more self contained you are able to be, the happier you will be.

be respectful if you run a generator.

If space allows, spectators are welcome to unused spots, for camping, at no charge above spectator gate fees.
There is no ability to reserve a spot for spectators .
It is rare to run out of space, but it can get full from year to year.

Pets are welcome, but you are 100% responsible 100% of the time.
Please never leave them unattended outside or in a car.
They must be on a leash held to your hand at all times if you are about the grounds.
Cabled to an RV is fine, ( as long as you are close by).
Cleaning up after your pet is mandatory, like anywhere else.
Simple common sense polices.

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Re: Vintage F.A.Q. #2 Camping and pets at the track.

Post by indix100 » Tue Jul 17, 2018 11:45 pm

Where is there power available for camping? Is it available in the pits or only in the camp site?

Where is camping in location to the pits?

What is the policy on generators, mine is as quite of a generator that is available

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