Attention in the paddock! A Big Thank You Very Much!

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Attention in the paddock! A Big Thank You Very Much!

Post by jpintar » Tue Jul 23, 2019 9:27 pm

I would like to use this post to thank all the people that have been volunteering for the club latey. Many tasks have been completed. JB (John Blanchard) and his crew, have completed the painting of the curbs and rumble strip's. John Eichholz replaced the missing floor tiles in the tower. Anne Roseke worked in the flower beds at the front gate. Gary Ray and Mike Yater painting red triangles marking paddock spaces. Bruce McDonald and Chip Bliem working on Turn 6 canopy wiring brushing and priming the tube frame. The canopy goes up Wednesday evening! Joel Hershoren on the Cub Cadet cutting lawn. Kathy Arnold working weed control in the paddock. Franz Lieder on the 4" yellow line detail in the paddock. Ron Krantz doing the paddock spacing layout. A new OCSC member and OTD guy. His name is Bruce and he drives a BMW 325, don't remember his last name, sorry, painting in pit lane. And then there's Terry Abbott and BACA, Biker's Against Child Abuse. They are an important part of the Waterford Hills family. These people come every year and volunteer for Vintage. There organization fights child abuse and most importantly protect children from abuse. Thank you to them and I look forward to watching the BACA parade laps this weekend. That's it for now. I think that's everyone. If I've forgotten anyone, sorry, and let me know.

Thanks again,
Jerry Pintar
Waterford Hillls
Track Manager

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