Come To Jerry Meeting, Part 2

Official Information about WHRRI racing, straight from the BOD and Chiefs of Specialties
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Come To Jerry Meeting, Part 2

Post by surratta » Thu Jun 06, 2013 9:45 pm

some notes from Mr. Shiloff, Chief Steward, that will be covered at Saturday's drivers meeting:

1. It is my intention to talk to everyone in the paddock each weekend. If we have the opportunity to speak more than once, it may not be so pleasant.

2. All of last year’s sins will be forgotten; everyone starts with a clean slate. Last race weekend’s sins will be a different matter and are in the book.

3. All competitors involved in metal to metal or wheel to wheel will fill out an incident report at tech.

4. These incident reports will be kept by me and are available to all if you ask to see them.

5. My goal as Chief Steward is to keep the race vehicles looking as good as possible. Race body damage must be fixed before the next weekend’s race. Any exceptions must be approved by me.

6. Penalties may become more severe as the season continues if the incidents continue. Last weekend there were a number of incident reports turn in.

7. We issued a penalty last month (re: Rules of the Road, 6.11.1.a,b,c,d) and the offender is on probation for the rest of the year and received a reduction in his finishing position.

8. The Chief Steward may write a RFA (Request for Action) on any driver. The SOM’s will be convened to look at the facts. Penalties may include loss of position, loss of points or disqualification.

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